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Ounasvaara in Summer

Summer season starts immediately after Midsummer. In the summer high season Resort is open Mon-Sat from 12am to 7pm. (closed on Sundays). In August Resort is open on Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm and Saturday-Sunday from 11am to 4pm. Lifts are closed during the thunder storm. Summer bobsleigh track is closed during the rain because of safety reason.

Summer Bobsleighing

The super popular summer bobsleigh track on the Ounasvaara hill is a destination which you don’t want to skip but to visit every summer over and over again. A safe chair lift down below the slope at Ounasvaara Ski Centre takes you up to the top of the hill, where a magnificent view spreads out. The track, actually a 750 metres long chute made of steel, begins there in the height of 110 metres. A member of the staff will show you how to use the – either one- or two-man – bobsleigh. The summer bobsleigh activity suits for everybody because of its safety: one can easily control the speed by using the brake.

Summertime lift tickets

Summertime pricing: Lift ticketsPrice
Summer Bobsleighing
1 round10 €
4 rounds25 €
10 rounds49 €
The Summer Chair Lift
One way (up or down)5 €
Up-and-down 10 €
DH-Bike park
3 h25 €
1 day35 €
Season pass99 € (198 €)

The Summer Chair Lift

The Summer Chair Lift at Ounasvaara Ski Resort takes you easily up to the top of the Ounasvaara hill to enjoy the beautiful scenery that spreads out all around the landscape. High up on the top of the hill one really gets close to the Midnight Sun.

It is also possible to go shortly hiking along the trails between the tops of Juhannuskallio and Tottorakka.


Bike Park

In the Bike Park of Ounasvaara you can rent a cross-country bike or a down hill bike and ride along the marked bike tracks. You can easily rise to the top of the hill by a chair lift and bring your bike along. There are also many unmarked tracks on the hill for more advanced cyclists.


Summertime rental

Summertime pricing: RentalPrice  
3 h45 €25 €45 €
1 day65 €40 €65 €
Cycle helmet
Helmet / one time6 €
Dirt-bike for children
1 h15 €
3 h 25 €
Other equipment
Rental period1 time = 24 hours1 week
Frisbeegolf set6 €
Nordic Walking poles6 €
Day Backpack7 €35 €
Child Carrier Backpack15 €69 €


Summer in Ounasvaara Ski & Outdoor Resort

For many years, summer visitors have known Ounasvaara for its toboggan run. The area will offer significantly more with the scenic lift, the Bike Park mountain bike centre, the children’s pedal car track, the Kesärafla BBQ kitchen and public sauna, the stand-up paddle (SUP) board and rowing boat rentals, the 18-hole frisbee golf course and the 18-hole Santa Claus Golf course.

If you didn’t bring your own cyclocross, mountain or downhill bike, you can hire a bike at the equipment rental centre. There are also popular fat bikes available and electric bikes for adults. An optional route app can be hired at the equipment rental centre to help navigate both marked and unmarked hiking and cycling routes. The pedal car track for children and the dirt bike track, which is one of the best ways for young riders to learn bike control.

For friends of frisbee golf, Ounasvaara Ski & Outdoor Resort offers an 18-basket frisbee golf course. Equipment can be hired in the Ski Centre’s equipment rental centre. If you prefer traditional golf, there is also the Santa Claus Golf Course where golf can be enjoyed in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Finland – 24 hours a day!