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We reserve the right to change the opening hours and the right to determine which lifts and slopes are in use. The ski resort has the right to open and close the ski resort depending on the weather conditions and the number of users.

Main Slopes

Our main slopes are located in the top of the hill just above our Ski Rental and Restaurant. On the Slope Map all the Main Slopes are marked by numbers 6-10. Main slopes are smooth and easy enough for beginners. They are also wide, so there’s plenty of room for everyone. Two of the slopes are very easy, numbers 6 and 11. They are great for beginners. Our main slopes have two different lifts: T-bar lift and chair lift. See the videos of the slopes below.


Tottorakka slopes are a bit more challenging compared to our main slopes. On the Slope Map the Tottorakka Slopes are marked by numbers 1-5. In Tottorakka you’ll get to enjoy high speed and even the feeling of what it’s like to compete. Tottorakka’s FIS-slope (no 3) has an international slalom certificate. Tottorakka has an unmaintained Freeride-slope and Tree Ride-Slope in the middle of the forest. Tottorakka slope area can be reached by skiing along the transition slope Easy (no 6). First you have to go to the top of the hill by using the T-bar or chair lift of the main slopes.


Rendi Park

Fun for the whole family in Rendi Park. Our slope inside the Rendi Park (number 11) is ideal for children and beginners who want practice skiing in a safe environment. Go up to the training slope comfortably and safely by using the carpet lift.
You’ll also find a Snow carousel, where you can train your balance with different kinds of snowsport appliances. Remember also to try out our popular Rendi’s Tube. Rendi Park is located next to the restaurant behind the snow wall and is number 11 on the slope map.

Take a break in a warm & cozy Rendi’s cabin that has a toilet and a play area for children. You’ll find Rendi’s Snow World next to the restaurant behind the snow fence.

Rendi’s Snow World from Ounasvaara Ski Resort on Vimeo.


Snow Park

Snow Park has jumps, rails and boxes for different skill levels. All the obstacles are maintained daily by hand and by machine. The Park Manager and his crew are responsible for the construction and maintenance of the venues. We always pay attention to the feedback we’re getting from our customers and use it when trying to make Snow Park better place. On the Slope Map the Snow Park is marked by number 7.

Safety First! Get familiar with the obstacles before use. Consider the weather conditions and choose your line according to your skills!


Mainly unmaintained naturally snowy Freeride-slope can be found in Tottorakka. Between the two Tottorakka slopes, there’s a Tree Ride skiing area where there’s more room compared to traditional skiin in the woods. On the Active Slope Map the Freeride is marked by number 1. and The Tree Ride by number 4.

In addition to those there are plenty of slopes to ski. Remember that skiing outside the marked areas is alwayse at your own risk! We highly recommend to take your buddy with you when you go off the slopes.


Cross Country Tracks

Ounasvaara area has 100 kilometers of cross-country tracks, from which 50 kilometers has lights. In addition, Rovaniemi area has another 100 kilometers of cross-country tracks so the total number goes up to 200 kilometers! First Snow cross-country track just next to the ski resort is opened during October with the help of stored snow. That means Rovaniemi is among the very first places in Finland to open it’s ski season. Diversity of routes and breathtaking scenery, that’s why people love Ounasvaara!

Map of Cross Country Tracks at Rovaniemi