Downhill skiing

Ounasvaara Ski Resort offers you 10 slopes with enough variety for everyone. The main slopes offer easier and relaxed skiing for everyone. By the Ounashissi-lifts you can find the youth favored Snow Park, first snow slope-area and for the youngest ones in the family and the beginners will enjoy Rendi’s Snow World and Rendi’s Adventure path.

On the other side of the Ski Resort you will find Tottorakka slopes that provide more speed and challenge right up to the competitive level. Tottorakka slopes’ profiles are steeper and the shapes of the surface are more challenging than the main slopes. If you’re interested in off-piste skiing, this area offers you an unmaintained slope and a forest skiing area.

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Ski school

Private lessons

Easy Start
Private alpine ski lesson for beginners. Package includes 4 hours lift ticket, 4 hours equipment rental and 45 minutes ski lesson. After the lesson you still have 3 hours time to test what you have learned. Bookings one day before (4:00 p:m)

45 minute private lesson (incl. lift ticket for the lesson)
90 minute private lesson (incl. lift ticket for the lesson)

Cross-Country ski trip
Cross country skiing trek for beginners in Ounasvaara ski resort.

Ounasvaara ski school offers a cross country trip. Duration of the trip is 2 hours. The trip takes you to the wild nature of Ounasvaara Sports Park. In the beginning you are taught the basics of cross-country skiing. Minimum age 9 years.
Bookings one day before (4 p.m.)

Snowshoe Trip
Enjoy the nature in Ounasvaara Sports Park!

Ounasvaara Ski School offers a snowshoe trip every day. Duration of the trip is 2 hours. The trip takes you to wild nature of Ounasvaara Sports Park.
Bookings one day before (4 p.m.)

Please make your reservation a day before the planned activity before 4 p.m. Arrive in time so that you have time to fit and test all the equipment. You will not need a lift ticket during the lessons. They are included in the lessons. Contact the ski instructor by email: hiihtokoulu@ounasvaara.fi or by phone: +358(0)50 5333 388.



Ski rental and equipment

Our rental and repair shop has everything you need for a snow packed day. Both our skis and snowboards are serviced and renewed regularly. This ensures that your equipment is always up-to-date and in excellent condition. Our selection includes Salomon skis, Burton snowboards, Telemark skis, cross-country skiing equipment and snowshoes. We take care of the equipment’s hygiene in-between the rentals.

Because the basis of safe and enjoyable skiing is equipment that is in good condition,
our rental shop also offers equipment maintenance services. Our professional team takes care of your snowboard, downhill skis and cross-country skis.



Restaurant Alpenjäger

Alpine skiing came to Finland in 1930’s. Alpine troops from Germany and Austria were helping to clear the first slalom slope at Ounasvaara in 1943. During the same winter Alpine skiing was one of the sports of the Ounasvaara winter games. The name of the restaurant, Alpenjager, derives from this piece of history. The restaurant has seen a total renovating during the last couple of years. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy our restaurant’s menu created by our professional kitchen staff. Daily soups are also offered as well as the world world-famous Tazza hot cocoa. Alpenjager is licensed to serve alcohol (A-license). Our restaurant and kitchen serve on weekdays from 10.30 to 19.00 and on weekends from 10.30 to 17.00.


Winter tobogganing (for groups only)

Ounasvaara Ski Resort’s toboggan run gives you another way to enjoy a speedy ride down the slope. A separate 800 meters long track is built solely for winter sledding. The sleds have a steering wheel and brakes so you can safely feel the thrilling speed. In between the rides you can enjoy the breathtaking views and share the best driving lines with your friends since getting back to the top is done comfortably by a chairlift. The toboggan run is for groups only.

Minimum group size 10 people. Temperature limit -18 Celsius. Rider’s minimum age 12 years.
Reservations and more info by email from sales@ounasvaara.fi or by phone +358(0)50 533 3388.



Ounasvaara in Summer

Summer season starts after Midsummer at 26.6. Outdoor resort is open at mon-sat between 12pm-7pm until 4.8.2018. Lifts are closed on Sundays and during rain.

Summer Bobsleighing

The super popular summer bobsleigh track on the Ounasvaara hill is a destination which you don’t want to skip but to visit every summer over and over again. A safe chair lift down below the slope at Ounasvaara Ski Centre takes you up to the top of the hill, where a magnificent view spreads out. The track, actually a 750 metres long chute made of steel, begins there in the height of 110 metres. A member of the staff will show you how to use the – either one- or two-man – bobsleigh. The summer bobsleigh activity suits for everybody because of its safety: one can easily control the speed by using the brake.

The Summer Chair Lift

The Summer Chair Lift at Ounasvaara Ski Resort takes you easily up to the top of the Ounasvaara hill to enjoy the beautiful scenery that spreads out all around the landscape. If you want to have a view that is even clearer, you can climb onto the roofgarden of the Skyhotel.High up on the top of the hill one really gets close to the Midnight Sun.

It is also possible to go shortly hiking along the trails between the tops of Juhannuskallio and Tottorakka.

Bike Park

In the Bike Park of Ounasvaara you can rent a cross-country bike or a down hill bike and ride along the marked bike tracks. You can easily rise to the top of the hill by a chair lift and bring your bike along. There are also many unmarked tracks on the hill for more advanced cyclists.

The marked down hill tracks have got three degrees of difficulty:
Free ride (length 1350m) = Easy
DH Dirt (length 790m) = Average
DH Black (length 740m) = Difficult


New this summer in Ounasvaara Ski & Outdoor Resort

For many years, summer visitors have known Ounasvaara for its toboggan run. This summer, the area will offer significantly more with the scenic lift, the Bike Park mountain bike centre, the children’s downhill car track, the Kesärafla BBQ kitchen and public sauna, the stand-up paddle (SUP) board and rowing boat rentals, the 18-hole frisbee golf course and the 18-hole Santa Claus Golf course.

If you didn’t bring your own cyclocross, mountain or downhill bike, you can hire a bike at the equipment rental centre. There are also popular fat bikes available, both in children’s sizes and as electric bikes for adults. An optional route app can be hired at the equipment rental centre to help navigate both marked and unmarked hiking and cycling routes. New this summer are the downhill car track for children and the dirt bike track, which is one of the best ways for young riders to learn bike control.

For friends of frisbee golf, Ounasvaara Ski & Outdoor Resort offers an 18-basket frisbee golf course. Equipment can be hired in the Ski Centre’s equipment rental centre. If you prefer traditional golf, there is also the Santa Claus Golf Course where golf can be enjoyed in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Finland – 24 hours a day!


Water activities and a burger at Kesärafla Sauna

Ounasvaara Ski & Outdoor Resort extends to the shores of river Kemijoki, where you can find the city’s most famous charcoal BBQ and a public sauna. You can rent SUP boards or rowing boats and go paddling along the longest river in Finland. After the river activities, you can rejuvenate in the public Kesärafla sauna or take a dip in river Kemijoki. Afterwards, you can sample delicious food fresh from the BBQ.

At the peak of Lapland’s culinary culture

The scenic lift will take you to the peak of Lapland’s culinary culture at the Sky Kitchen & View restaurant. An unforgettable a la carte dining experience can be had at Sky Kitchen & View, considered one of the finest restaurants in Finland.